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CPS BTLDTW BlackMax Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench

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The CPS BTLDTW BlackMax Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench is an adjustable digital torque wrench perfect for HVAC mini-split installation, VRF installations, or where OEM-specified torque settings are critical. The Blackmax BTLDTW is easy to use, has a digital display, a crescent design that allows it to be used on various flare nut sizes, and audible and visual alerts when the proper torque is reached. In addition, it is lightweight, durable, and packed in a protective carrying case. This CPS digital torque wrench makes setting the appropriate torque as easy as pushing a button and will become a staple in your HVAC toolkit.

The CPS digital torque wrench has five factories, and five user-defined presets that can be viewed in 4 different torque units. The user can view both the present and the actual torque value on the backlit digital screen in real-time. A green LED indicator flashes when the torque is 50- 98% of the programmed torque value, and within 2% of desired torque value, both the red LED lights up and an audible warning is sounded. In addition, to prevent over-tightening, the digital torque wrench has audible, visual, and vibrational alerts when approaching or exceeding the predefined torque setting. The maximum torque value reached is stored temporarily.

The CPS BTLDTW BlackMax Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench comes packed with features. To begin with it ensures OEM torque setting compliance. Also, it is ideal for HVAC mini-split installations. As well as having a jaw opening of 3/16″ to 1-7/16″ (5 to 35mm). It’s torque settings are: Lbf.ft,, N-m, Kgf.m. Furthermore, the pre-set and actual torque values can be viewed both at the same time. Moreover, it has LED torque alerts: Green= within 50-98%, Red= within 2%. It also features memory presets: 5 common, 5 open for custom torque values. Featured also is a track mode: view real-time torque value reached during use. Moreover, it has a peak mode: maximum torque value reached is stored temporarily. Lastly, it has a display light key.


  • (1) CPS BTLDTW BlackMax Electronic Torque Wrench


  • CPS BTLDTW Blackmax Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench
  • Ideal for HVAC mini-split installation
  • Ensures OEM torque setting compliance
  • Jaw opening: 3/16" to 1-7/16" (5 to 35mm)
  • Four torque settings: Lbf.ft,, N-m, Kgf.m
  • View both preset and actual torque values at the same time
  • LED torque alerts Green - between 50-98%, Red - within 2% of desired setting
  • Memory presets: 5 common and 5 user set
  • Track mode - View real-time torque value reached during use
  • Peak mode - Maximum torque value reached is stored temporarily
  • Auto off (selectable)
  • Display light key


CPS BTLDTW Blackmax Adjustable Digital Torque Wrench
Accuracy : ± 2% clockwise and counter-clockwise of reading, 10% to 100% of full scale
Jaw Opening : 3/16” – 1-3/8” (5 - 35 mm)
Operating Voltage : 3V (2 x AAA batteries, supplied)
Operating Temperature : 32ºF~104ºF (0ºC ~ 40ºC)
Storage Temperature : -4ºF ~113ºF((-20ºC ~ 45ºC)
Wrench (+ Case) Weight : 2.79 lbs (1.27 kg)
Wrench Length : 15.25” (0.387 m)
Green LED Flashes : Within 50% to 98% of programmed torque (in Peak or Track mode)
Intermittent Tone : Within +-5N-m of programmed torque value
Red LED On : Within 2% of programmed torque value
Faster Tone : Within +- 2 N-m of programmed torque value
Continuous Tone + Constant Green LED & Handle Vibrates : When >2% over programmed torque value
Display Constant On : Battery life = approx. 120 hours
Display & Backlight Constant On : Battery life = approx. 96 hours
Replacement Battery Cap : BTLDTWCX