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5-2-1 Compressor Saver Kit CSRU2 Hard Start Capacitor For 3.5-4-5 Tons

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5-2-1 Compressor Saver Kit CSRU2 Hard Start Capacitor For 3.5-4-5 Tons


Product Features

Starting up is the hardest time in the life of any type of electrical equipment. Ever notice that light bulbs almost always burn out when you first turn them on and not while they are on? This is due to the huge current that rushes in when a switch is thrown and power is first applied. The compressor on your Air Conditioner consumes more power on start up than any other device in your home. A compressor may consume 45,000 watts of power while the motor is trying to start-TEN times more power than it uses while running. The large burner on an electric stove only consumes approximately 2,000 watts on high. In-rush current can damage the compressor’s motor and that motor may start up more than 6,000 times in a single cooling season. A 5-2-1 COMPRESSOR SAVER significantly reduces the amount of time your compressor is on high amp start-up. Some top-of-the-line A/C units come from the factory with 5-2-1 technology built in. Now you can have a 5-2-1 COMPRESSOR SAVER installed in your A/C unit by a professional. The 5-2-1 COMPRESSOR SAVER uses a powerful multi-layer starting capacitor and a smart switch to give your compressor the boost it needs to start up quickly, more reliably, draw less power and save you money, too. The cost of a 5-2-1 COMPRESSOR SAVER is a fraction of the cost of replacing a compressor damaged by hard starts. It could add years to the life of your compressor and other electrical components associated with your A/C system.


General Safety Instruction
Only trained and qualified service personnel should install this kit. Most states, countries etc. may require the installer to be licensed. Please check with your local government agency.


Danger-Electrical Shock Hazard
– always disconnect the power source before attempting to install this kit. Failure to do so may result in severe electrical injury or even death.


Caution-Equipment Damage
– Failure to properly install this kit can and will cause permanent damage to the compressor and related components.
1) Disconnect all sources of power to the unit. Note that there may be more than one.
2) Locate and remove the electrical service access door or panel.
3) Mount the 5-2-1® Kit potential relay and start capacitor in a suitable location within the electrical box. The potential relay should be mounted with the mounting tab up. The capacitor should be mounted with the terminals up. Take care to mount the components so that all non-insulated live terminals are at least 1⁄2″ away from all metal or electrical conducting parts or components. Mount in a location that will prevent water from coming in contact with the non-insulated live contacts.


NOTE – The 5-2-1® Compressor Saver ® has been pre-wired for your convenience. There are only 3 color coded wires which need to be connected. The Black wire will be connected to the Common side of the compressor. The Striped wire will be connected to the Start winding of the compressor and the Red wire will be connected to the Run winding of the compressor. Remember – 5, 2, 1, = Common, Start, Run.


Proceed as follows:
5) Common – Connect the loose end of the Black wire to T1 of the contactor. Check to see that the Common “C” terminal of the compressor also connects to T1. In most cases you will find a Black wire coming from the Common “C” terminal of the compressor.
2) Start – Connect the loose end of the Striped wire to the Start winding side of the run capacitor. The Start winding side of the run capacitor is always marked “HERM”. The Start winding side of the run capacitor can also be verified by following the yellow or orange or blue wire (in most cases) from the compressor “S” terminal to the Start winding side of the run capacitor.
1) Run – Connect the loose end of the Red wire to the Run winding side of the compressor. The Run winding is connected to T2 of the contactor as well as the common side of the run capacitor which is usually marked with a “C” or “=”. The Run winding can be identified in most cases by a Red wire coming from the R terminal on the compressor. The Red wire from the 5-2-1® start kit is normally connected at the “C” or “=” terminal on the run capacitor, but can also be connected to T2 of the contactor.

Customer Reviews

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Glen schramm
5 stars

The ordering Clerk when I ordered this 521 starter kit was very helpful. I texted a picture of the starting capacitor that I needed to go along with the starter kit. She figured out which one it was and in two days my order arrived. Good instructions were included and I am not an HV AC man at all and was able to install it in about 20 minutes. Fired up great and now my unit will run on a generator because it takes less wattage to get my 3 and 1/2 ton refrigeration unit going. Very satisfied would definitely buy there again.