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Fieldpiece JL3MN Manometer Single Port Wireless


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The Fieldpiece JL3MN Manometer Single Port Wireless lets you work the way you want to. Its strong magnet allows you to place your probe directly on a test port. It’s short tubes offer tangle-free work.

The Fieldpiece JL3MN is a wireless single port manometer for HVAC systems. Reliable and accurate measurements of static and gas pressures. You can view the static or gas pressure reading taken by the Fieldpiece JL3MN manometer directly on the Fieldpiece Job Link App up to 1000 feet away. The Job Link App allows up to 8 individual manometer readings simultaneously.

The Fieldpiece Manometer Single Port Wireless is a measurement tool to measure real-time pressure drops. It optimizes the total external static pressure of the equipment. Pinpoints duct leaks and restrictions. Also finds an inlet or outlet gas pressure on boilers and furnaces.

You can take a pressure reading from precise locations on any system without worrying about a hose. The short hose keeps things neat, and the independent sensors allow for direct placement on test ports. The short hose will enable you to measure between zones without snaking a hose past a door where it can be pinched. The powerful rotating magnet on the back allows for hands-free use and holds tight even when the hose is tugged, or the equipment shakes.

Slide the switch on the manometer, and the Job Link app immediately knows which side of the system you’re going to place the JL3MN wireless manometer probe.

The Fieldpiece JL3MN single port manometer has rugged housing, a sturdy, rotating magnet to hold the manometer, and a vital metal barb tip that can be used with different hose sizes. In addition, the JL3MN measurements can be zeroed on the probe itself, so there is no fumbling with the app.

The Fieldpiece JL3MN is sold as a single pack and includes the JL3MN, slide-on Gas Adapter, extra hose with Brass Screw Fitting, and a Static Pressure Probe. The Fieldpiece JL3KM2 is a double pack dual manometer and includes two JL3MNs, a case, two slide-on Gas Adapters, and an extra hose with two Brass Screw Fittings and two Static Pressure Probes.

  • Fieldpiece JL3MN Wireless Manometer Single Port
  • 1,000’ Wireless range
  • Precise placement with more convenient, shorter hoses
  • All-in-one static, gas and draft pressure
  • Record up to eight readings at once in Job Link App
  • Reliable pressure regardless of location
  • Measure real-time pressure drops
  • Find inlet and outlet gas pressures
  • Switchable P1 - P2 indicator
  • Job Link System App compatible
  • Easy zero to atmosphere
  • 350' long-range wireless
  • Rugged metal tips
  • Accurate and stable measurements
  • Measure between zones without snaking a hose under the door
  • Strong rotating magnet
  • Untethered usage
  • Individual pressure readouts give you P1, P2, and pressure differential in real-time
  • All accessories for static and gas applications included
  • Document system health in Job Link App reporting
Fieldpiece JL3MN Wireless Manometer Single Port
Minimum Device Requirement : BLE 4.0 devices running iOS® 7.0 or Android™ 5.0 (Latest compatibility at
Compatible Media : Dry, non-corrosive gas
Pressure Port : Tube connector for flexible tubing (4.5 to 8mm ID)
Units of Measure : inWC, mmWC, mbar, psi, Pa
Accuracy and Ranges :
  • inWC: ±0.02 on 0.00 to ±2.00 (±1.5% FS on 2.00 to ±60.00);
  • mmWC: ±0.5 on 0.0 to ±51.0 (±1.5% FS on 51.0 to ±1500.0);
  • mbar: ±0.05 on 0.00 to ±5.00 (±1.5% FS on 5.00 to ±150.00);
  • psi: ±0.001 on 0.000 to ±0.072 (±1.5% FS on 0.072 to ±2.165);
  • Pa: ±5 on 0 to 498 (±1.5% FS on 498 to ±14930)
Maximum Overload Pressure : 321.08 inWC (11.6 psi; 80.0 kPa)
Battery Type : 2 x AAA, NEDA 24A, IEC LR03
Battery Life : 150 hours typical alkaline. LED slow-blinks red when battery replacement is needed.
Auto Power Off : 2 hours (APO can be disabled)
Wireless Range : 1000 feet (305 meters) line of sight. Obstructions affect distance.
Radio Frequency : 2.4 GHz
Operating Environment : -10°F to 122°F (-23°C to 50°C) at <75% RH
Storage Temperature : -10°F to 140°F (-23°C to 60°C) at <80% RH (with batteries removed)
Temperature Coefficient :
  • 0.1 x (specified accuracy) per 1.8°F
  • (-10°F to 64°F, 82°F to 122°F),
  • per 1°C (-23°C to 18°C, 28°C to 50°C)
Weight : 0.30 lbs (137 g)
Certifications : CE EN 300 328

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  • (1) JL3MN Manometer Probe
  • (1) ASP2 Static Pressure Probe and Hose
  • (1) Brass Screw Fitting with Extra Hose
  • (1) Slide Gas Adapter
  • (2) AAA Batteries
Fieldpiece JL3MN Manometer Single Port Wireless
Fieldpiece JL3MN Manometer Single Port Wireless