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Fieldpiece MR45 – Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine


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The Fieldpiece MR45 recovery machine has onboard system monitoring that adjusts motor performance to handle liquid & run twice as fast on vapor. With a 1HP variable brilliant speed DC motor & super-sized condenser, this machine excels on longer & hotter jobs. Also, this motor is quieter, faster, smoother, & lighter for increased performance & comfort. The Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine’s motor control also matches incoming voltage. That way, your machine works with longer cords or when the grid is overcapacity. Turn the rubberized control valve to route refrigerant through the Fieldpiece recovery machine. You can use the self-purge function to pump any traces into the recovery cylinder instead of releasing them into the environment. Connect your hoses without navigating dark, tight spaces or picking the pump off the ground with straight hose connection ports. Also, view status messages & pressures directly on the backlit display. Do more with this lightweight (22 lbs) user-friendly machine, tough enough for everyday use, even in the rain.

The Fieldpiece MR45 Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine with Smart Speed 1 HP Motor is a high-quality dual-cylinder compressor recovery machine. It has an extra-large condenser for superior cooling and low friction ceramic cylinders. The Fieldpiece recovery machine performs better on long and hot jobs than other machines.

Fieldpiece uses a powerful 1HP DC motor and runs at 3,000 RPM to provide a fast recovery speed. The MR-45 comes with voltage drop and surge protection, so it can work even when voltage runs, as low as 95 VAC, as this often happens in the field.

Despite a powerful motor, it’s small in size and weighs only 22 lbs, so it is easy to carry around, even when an HVAC technician needs to get up on a roof. The extra-large condenser provides plenty of cooling power so that you can work faster and longer.

The Fieldpiece Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine features a bright backlit display, accessible access ports, and a single dial operation. The Fieldpiece MR45 also features an innovative onboard monitoring system that adjusts performance to handle liquid, doubles the speed when on vapor, and is even operable in direct rain.

All of the above features make Fieldpiece MR45 refrigerant recovery machine one of the best solutions for AC techs. Fieldpiece designs all instruments and tools thinking of improving HVAC tech job performance to the max.

  • Fieldpiece MR45 Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine with Smart Speed 1 HP Motor
  • Lightweight (22 lbs)
  • DC motor is small and light
  • Carry it comfortably
  • Smoother and Faster
  • Smooth liquid recovery
  • Rubber feet and motor mounts reduce noise and vibrations
  • 1 HP, 3,000 RPM variable smart speed motor supplies speed and power, while maximizing performance
  • Extra large condenser cools faster, especially on hot days
  • Reliable
  • Active electronic monitoring protection system
  • Rubberized housing protects components
  • Long life and low friction with abrasion resistant dual ceramic cylinder compressor
  • Rail slides protect the machine and building
  • Long lasting piston seals
  • Protected electronics for rainy days (IP24)
  • Operating voltage between 95 and 130VAC (Protects from voltage drop)
  • Easy Access Ports
  • Ports face out for easy access and direct flow
  • Ports elevated from ground
  • Rubber bumpers protect ports
  • Mesh screen fitting stays in place when removing hoses
  • Hex Nut Secures Input Port During Hose Removal
  • Large rubberized dual-port routing knob
  • Digital Display
  • Easily read the large digits
  • Status messages clarify operation
  • Blue backlight helps in darker situations
  • Withstands long days in the sun and direct rain (IP24)
  • And More
  • Power cord stores on the handle
  • Room to hook the handle for hoisting to the roof
  • Single dial self purge protects MR45 and our environment
  • UL Verified to Section 608 of EPA Clean Air Act
  • UL Verified to AHRI Standard 740
  • A2L ready including R32
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
Fieldpiece MR45 Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine with Smart Speed 1 HP Motor
Display : 2 x 10000 count LCD with status messages
Backlight : Blue color
Measurement rate : 3.3 times per second, nominal
Input Port Pressure Sensor Range : -30” Hg to 600 PSIG
Output Port Pressure Sensor Range : -30” Hg to 600 PSIG
High-Pressure Cutoff : 558 psig, nominal
Resolution and Units : 1 psig (1” Hg), 0.05 bar (2 cmHg)
Final Recovery Vacuum : 14.9” Hg
Compressor : Twin cylinder reciprocating (oil-less)
DC Motor : 1 HP (variable smart speed)
Power Source : 95 to 130 VAC @ 60 Hz 1 phase
Max Current Draw : 12.0 AAC
Valve : Single dual-route ball valve
Input Port Filtration : 9 mm mesh screen, stainless
Dimensions : 14.8” x 9.8” x 13.5” | 376 mm x 250 mm x 344 mm
Weight : 22 lbs
Operating Environment : 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
Storage Environment : -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Approved Refrigerants : R12, R134A, R22, R401A (MP39), R401B, R401C, R402A, R402B, R404A, R406A, R407A, R407B, R407C, R407D, R408A, R409A, R410A, R411A, R411B, R412A, R500, R502, R507, R509
Is it really rain proof?

Yes, Fieldpiece representative Russell Harju makes that very clear in the entertaining video above.

What units of measurement does the MR45 fieldpiece recovery machine use?

The MR45 uses psig, in/hg, bar, Mpa, Kpa, and cmHg.

Are the port connections 1/4", 3/8" or some other size?

The ports are 1/4” in size.

Does it provide liquid and vapor recovery?

Yes, it does. The MR45 Recovery Machine can perform direct liquid/vapor recovery (the typical recovery method where vapor and liquid lines are routed through your manifold, into MR45, and out to the recovery cylinder) as well as push/pull recovery for larger systems where you wish to recover liquid before recovering vapor.

  • (1) MR45 Recovery Machine
  • (1) Operator’s Manual

Customer Reviews

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AC Tech

Recovery best

Jacqueline Gonzalez
Great machine

Very well made machine. Works flawlessly. Very durable. Simple and easy. Gets job done.

Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine
Fieldpiece MR45 – Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine