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Fieldpiece SC660 400A True RMS Loaded Wireless Clamp Meter TRMS


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Fieldpiece SC660 400A True RMS Loaded Wireless Clamp Meter TRMS

Product Features

  • Swivel Head with LED Flashlight: Open the clamp to illuminate the wire bundle you’re hunting. Rotate the clamp 180° to see the display easier. The clamp’s claw grabs the wire you want to measure.
  • Electrical Testing for HVACR: True RMS readings through the clamp or leads. Capture starting amps with Inrush.
  • Test 3-Phase Power Test: Conveniently test phase rotation without carrying around an extra meter or extra lead. With the included alligator test lead connected to L1, you can determine phase rotation with one hand.
  • Trusted Dual-Temp: Reliable temperature in fast changing environments. View two thermocouple inputs at the same time, or check delta T across the evaporator. Select T1 & T2, T1 & T1-T2, or T2 & T1-T2.
  • Huge Backlit Display: View two measurements so large you can read them at a distance and in the dark.
  • Rugged Dual Display: Broad temperature range tolerance allows for testing in freezers and on rooftops.
  • Capacitance: Test motor start and run caps. Determine when a capacitor needs to be replaced.
  • Wireless Testing: Send measurements to the Job Link Mobile App via the JL2. Or view measurements from other compatible tools (ET2W, EH4W, SC57, LT17AW, SC460, SC660) across the jobsite LIVE.
  • Magnetic Hanger: Hanging strap flips out to keep the meter locked in place.
  • Probe Storage: Snap the leads into the back of the meter. No more tangles or probe tip pricks.
  • Dial Backlight: View the dial in low light.
  • Safety + Convenience: Use non-contact voltage to check if the wire is hot or not. Use the probe holder on the clamp to test voltage more safely with one hand. Test voltage hands-free using the magnetic hanger.
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Dimensions 15 × 13 × 1 in