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Fieldpiece VP67 Vacuum Pump with RunQuick™ Oil Change System


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With the Fieldpiece VP67 6 CFM Vacuum Pump, you will experience your life’s most straightforward, most effective evacuation. Proper system evacuation before charging directly increases any system’s expected life and efficiency. The only way to create a deep vacuum is to evacuate with fresh oil, especially at the end of the job. That’s where this Fieldpiece oil change vacuum pump comes in. Furthermore, this model replaces Fieldpiece VP55. The RunQuick oil change system makes this old chore a breeze. While the pump runs, the RunQuick system allows you to replace oil in under 20 seconds without losing a vacuum. You’ll always know the condition of the oil with a vast, backlit oil tank window. The extra broad base helps prevent tipping and spilling oil. Four inline ports in three different sizes give you tidy hose routing and hose options. Place the power cord on the handle for tangle-free storage. Carry the machine to and from the job site quickly, with complete confidence that it’s well protected. If a vacuum pump is what you need, you can’t go wrong with the Fieldpiece VP67 Vacuum Pump.

The Fieldpiece VP67 is the next generation of vacuum pumps using Fieldpiece’s revolutionary RunQuick Oil Management System. Also, the new Fieldpiece VP67 RunQuick Vacuum Pump has been improved by adding an extra bottle of oil, a massive backlit oil reservoir with a removable window for cleaning, an improved flow rate, and a smaller footprint. The new Fieldpiece VP67 Vacuum Pump is a 6 CFM dual-stage cast iron pump with a ½ HP AC motor, gas ballasts, and four in-line ports. Moreover, the Fieldpiece VP67 is the next generation of HVAC vacuum pumps designed by HVACR professionals. The Fieldpiece VP67 is the replacement for the VP55 Vacuum Pump.

Maintaining clean oil in the pump ensures optimal efficiency and extends the life of the vacuum pump. Knowing when it’s time to change the oil is easy with the large backlit tank window on the Fieldpiece VP67. The window lets you see the oil level, condition, and system, so you know when it’s time to change the oil. With the Fieldpiece RunQuick Oil Change system, replacing the oil is quick, clean, easy, and done in under 20 seconds without turning off the pump or losing the vacuum.


  • Fieldpiece VP67 RunQuick 6 CFM Vacuum Pump
  • 6 CFM flow rate with 15 microns ultimate vacuum
  • 1/2 HP AC motor
  • Lightweight, portable and powerful
  • Perform system evacuations faster, freeing you up to visit more customers
  • With a wide, sturdy base, powerful motor, and the legendary Fieldpiece toughness masters of the trade have come to expect
  • Two Stage Pump
  • Oil Window LED Indicators
  • Remote Exhaust Port
  • Quiet Fan-Cooled Operation
  • Convenient, removable cord storage Integrated into Rubber Handle
  • IEC Power Cord and Lock
  • Sturdy base stays upright
  • Small footprint – 1,346 cubic inches
  • Quarter-turn gas ballast with LED indicator
  • Port Sizes: (1) 1/4”, (2) 3/8”, (1) 1/2” for easy hose connections
  • A2L Ready Safety Certified
  • RunQuick™ Oil Change System
  • Easy view window and backlit oil reservoir allows you to view condition of oil and system
  • Change oil quickly (20 sec or less), even while the pump runs
  • Extra Oil Bottle Storage
  • Elevated Oil Drain Ball Valve
  • Wide Mouth Fill Port
  • Oil Bottle Cap Storage
  • Precision Oil Circulator
    Fieldpiece VP67 RunQuick 6 CFM Vacuum Pump
    Flow Rate : 6 CFM
    Pump Body : Cast Iron
    Oil Capacity : 8oz (237mL)
    Oil Compatibility :
    • Fieldpiece Vacuum Pump Oil
    • (Highly refined and optimized for proper sealing and lubrication)
    • Fieldpiece part numbers: OIL8X3, OIL32, OIL128
    Oil Backlight : Blue LED
    Oil Drain : Ball valve
    Port Sizes : (1) 1/4”, (2) 3/8”, (1) 1/2”
    Compressor : Rotary vane, two stage
    Motor : 1/2 HP AC
    RPM : 3440
    Power Source : 120 VAC @ 60 Hz 1 phase
    Nominal Current Draw : 5.0 AAC
    Ultimate Vacuum at Input Ports : 15 microns
    General Specifications
    Dimensions : 7.9 inch x 11.7 inch x 16.0 inch (201 mm x 296 mm x 406 mm)
    Weight : 29 lb / 13.2 kg
    Operating Environment : 30°F to 122°F (-1.1°C to 50°C)
    Hazardous Location : Class I, Division 2, Group D, T4
    Warranty : 1-year warranty
    How often do I need to change the oil on the vp67 fieldpiece vacuum pump?

    Fieldpiece recommends you "empty or replace oil at the end of every job. Don’t leave old oil in the machine. Store the pump and oil in dry clean areas for longest life. Oil can lose its sealing properties if left uncovered. Keep oil sealed until it’s ready for use. Change oil while pulling a vacuum if the oil is dirty and your vacuum slows down. Oil can be changed while pump is in use without losing a vacuum."

    What is a gas ballast and when do I use it?

    "Much of the air and moisture in a system are removed before reaching 3000 microns. For wet systems, you should open the gas ballast during this initial pull down. Doing so helps the pump run smoothly and keeps the oil in good condition for when you need it most – towards the end of the evacuation. At about 3000 microns, when the sound of the pump quiets down, the gas ballast should be closed so that a deep vacuum can be achieved." - Fieldpiece Customer Service

    Can I pull a vacuum in the severe cold?

    <p>Yes you can! You can open an unused input port to ambient for a few seconds until the pump is running.</p><p>You may also warm the pump and oil individually in your truck/home by letting it sit in a warm environment. Make sure you warm the oil before adding it to the pump.</p>

    Why is the pump smoking?

    <p>"A common complaint we hear about oil sealed rotary vane pumps is that they create a lot of 'smoke' from the exhaust. What is commonly reported as 'smoke' is often actually oil mist vapor.</p><p>The oil in your rotary vane pump both lubricates the moving parts and seals the fine clearances in the pump. Oil has the benefit of stopping air leakages inside of the pump, however the rigorous oil flow during operation creates an oil mist on the exhaust side of the pump.</p><p>It is normal for the pump to emit vapor when pumping on a chamber from atmosphere. Since all the air that is removed from the chamber by the pump moves through the oil in the oil reservoir some of that oil is vaporized when a lot of air is moving through it. When the pressure in the chamber is reduced to a few hundred torr, the oil vapor or 'mist' should reduce dramatically." - Fieldpiece Customer Service</p>

    How do I know that my vacuum pump can pull down sufficiently?

    <p>"Perform this test to ensure VP67/VP87/VPX7 and your micron gauge are working properly.</p><ol> <li>Connect your vacuum gauge directly to a port on VP67/VP87/VPX7.</li> <li>Seal the 3 other ports.</li> <li>Ensure the gas ballast is closed.</li> <li>Turn on VP67/VP87/VPX7 to create a vacuum at your gauge.</li></ol><p>If your gauge measures below 200 microns within 1 minute, you know VP67/VP87/VPX7 and your micron gauge are working correctly. If your gauge does not reach 200 microns, there is a problem with your gauge, VP67/VP87/VPX7 , or all three." - Fieldpiece Customer Service</p>

    Is this a new model?

    The VP67 replaced the Fieldpiece VP55.

    • (1) Fieldpiece VP67 Vacuum Pump 6CFM
    • (1) IEC Power Cord
    • (2) 8 Ounce Vacuum Pump Oil
    • (1) Operator’s Manual

    Customer Reviews

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    Johnny Garza
    Game Changer

    HVAC & TOOLS DIRECT had it when no else did and got it out in less then 3 days. Just in time for it to get used and I have to say that it is so much more efficient! We’ll definitely be coming back to HVAC&TOOLS DIRECT!

    Fieldpiece VP67 6CFM Vacuum Pump
    Fieldpiece VP67 Vacuum Pump with RunQuick™ Oil Change System