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NAVAC NRDD New Recovery Machine, DC Inverter, Dual-Cylinder


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NAVAC NRDD New Recovery Machine, DC Inverter, Dual-Cylinder




The NRDD recovery unit features a Brushless DC Motor making it lightweight and much more efficient, a large backlit display, twin cylinder design with 2-row oversized condenser, oil free compressor and self-purging functionality. The NRDD recovery unit is suitable for all commonly used refrigerants making it the ideal recovery unit! Leading Technology, Superior Quality, Best Experience. Empowering you to work smarter!

Product Features

  • DC Technology
    • Light
    • More efficient
  • Large Backlit Display
    • Easy to read large LCD display
    • Backlit display for clarity
  • Twin Cylinder with 2-Row Oversized Condenser
    • Fast Recovery
  • Oil-Free Compressor
    • Suitable for all commonly used refrigerants
  • Self-purge Function
    • Prevent mixing of various refrigerants


  • Refrigerant Type
    • Category lll: R-12,R-134a,R-401C,R-500
    • Category lV: R-22,R-401A,R-401B,R-402B,R-407C,R-408A,R-409A,R-411A,R-411B,R-412A,R-502,R-509
    • Category V: R-402A,R-404A,R-407A,R-407B,R-410A,R-507
  • Power Supply: 115V/60Hz
  • FLA: 11A
  • Motor: 1 HP
  • Max Current Draw: 10A
  • Compressor: Oil-less, Air-cooled, Piston style
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off: 558 psi/38.5 bar
  • Recovery Rate (lbs/min)
    • Direct Vapor – R-22: 0.55; R-134a: 0.37; R-410a: 0.49
    • Direct Liquid – R-22: 6.88; R-134a: 5.34; R-410a: 7.98
    • Push/pull Liquid – R-22: 14.2; R-134a: 11.0; R-410a: 15.1
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year over the counter warranty, extend to 3 years with registration on the NAVAC website within 30 days of purchase.