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Psychrometer HVAC Yellow Jacket 67063 YJACK DEW™

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The Psychrometer HVAC Yellow Jacket 67063 YJACK DEW™ is a network of devices that form a new platform. It offers a total HVAC/R diagnostics solution. Multiple devices can measure system and environmental parameters. When the Psychrometer HVAC is coupled with the P51 TITAN digital manifold, the user has the necessary information for complete system diagnostics. Each device utilizes Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology to interconnect with each other and any smart device: Android and iOS. All YJACK Series devices can communicate directly with the P51-870 TITAN Series Digital Manifold. The YJACK VIEW App provides easy access to all information measured by the YJACK Series of devices.

In addition, the Yellow Jacket 67063 YJACK Dew Psychrometer will easily measure temperature, humidity, wet bulb, dew point, and more in ambient air or a ventilation duct using a Bluetooth signal. The YJACK Dew Psychrometer features an 8” flexible steel wand for optimal sensor positioning within the ventilation duct. Also, the 67063 YJACK wireless probe has an optimized sensor housing designed to increase air exchange and respond better. Furthermore, the YJACK Dew Psychrometer is compatible with YJACK View App and P51-870. Also, the Titan devices and has a 400 ft line of sight signal range. The YJACK devices are the next evolution in creating an interconnected and efficient work environment. That allows a service technician to work more quickly and precisely in the HVAC/R industry.

In addition, the Yellow Jacket 67063 Psychrometer uses a Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology to communicate with iOS, Android, and the P51-870 Titan devices. The 67063 wireless YJACK Dew Psychrometer has a status indication LED next to the power button. Furthermore, it provides feedback on the device’s current mode of operation. During the normal process, the status indicator LED flashes every two seconds. Also the purpose is to indicate a measurement transmitted via Bluetooth.

Finally, the YJACK 67063 flexible probe has a black vinyl cap protecting the sensing element. After removing the black cover, you can bend the flexible wand to the desired shape and place the sensing element within the ventilation system for psychrometric measurements. Also, the magnet on the bottom of the radio module can be attached to a metal surface for a secure connection. The YJACK Dew Psychrometer has an accuracy of +/- 2.0 %RH and a temperature measurement accuracy of +/- 0.2° C. Additionally the Yellow Jacket Dew Psychrometer has a relative humidity measurement range. Also, it ranges from 0-100% RH and temperature measurement range of -40° F to 257° F (-40° C to 125° C), and has a battery life of 1500 hours. The Yellow Jacket 67063 has an IP rating of IP52.

Made in the USA


  • (1) Psychrometer HVAC Yellow Jacket 67063 YJACK DEW™


  • Yellow Jacket 67063 YJACK Dew Psychrometer
  • Wireless measurement of psychrometric parameters with ease
  • Measures percent relative humidity, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature and dew point temperature
  • Measure enthalpy change across evaporator coil for system operational efficiency
  • Features 8" flexible steel wand for optimal sensor positioning within ventilation ducting
  • Optimized sensor housing designed for increased air exchange and better response time
  • Features high strength mounting magnet for secure attachment to ventilation systems
  • Bluetooth 4.2 compliant low energy radio
  • 400 ft line of sight signal range
  • Compatible with YJACK VIEW App and P51-870 TITAN devices (firmware version v2.0 or later)
  • Rapid response time
  • Relative Humidity Measurement Range: 0 to 100% RH
  • Relative Humidity Accuracy: +/- 2.0 %RH TYP (10 to 90 %RH)
  • Temperature Measurement Range: -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.2 °C TYP (-10 to 80°C)
  • Operating Temperature: -0.4°F to 131°F (-18°C to 55°C)
  • Storage Temperature: -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C)
  • Long 1500 hour battery life (2x AAA included)
  • IP52 rated
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


Yellow Jacket 67063 YJACK Dew Psychrometer
Measurement Type : Psychrometric (Temp, Humidity)
Weight : 0.38 lb
Dimensions (including wand) : 13"L x 1.7"W x 1.4"H (330 x 43 x 36mm)
Wand Length : 8" (203mm)
Operating Temperature : -0.4°F to 131°F (-18°C to 55°C)
Storage Temperature : -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C)
Battery Type : 2 x AAA (Included)
Battery Life : 1500 Hours
Warranty : 2 years
IP Rating : IP-52
Mounting Magnet : Yes
Humidity Measurement Range : 0-100% RH
Humidity Measurement Accuracy : +/- 2.0 %RH TYP (10 to 90 %RH)
Temp Measurement Range : -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)
Temp Measurement Accuracy : +/- 0.2 °C TYP (-10°C to 80°C)
Bluetooth® Range : 400 feet (122 meters) line-of-sight