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Stabila 25360 Die Cast Magnetic Torpedo with 360-degree vial and V-groove frame


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Stabila 25360 Die Cast Magnetic Torpedo with 360-degree vial and V-groove frame



Contractors that work with steel frequently want to have both hands free to position, fit, adjust and align steel materials. Rare earth magnets are a must. With its milled measuring surface and V-groove, it holds firmly on all steel materials especially rounded surfaces. This level has a vial that will measure horizontal/level with gradients of 1% and 2%, a vertical/plumb vial and a third 360 degree adjustable vial . This level is practical, precise, convenient, and robustly built.

Product Features

  • Compact, tough, die-cast aluminum profile torpedo level with a level vial with 1% and 2% slope indication rings, a vertical/plumb vial and an adjustable 360° vial.
  • Adjustable 360 degree vial: Pinch the adjustable vial between your thumb and fore finger and twist it to set angles and to match existing angles.
  • Slender profile shape.
  • Extra-strong rare-earth magnet system for heavy grip to metal objects – leaves the hands free when aligning, adjusting and fitting.
  • Precision-milled V-groove measuring surface for optimum hold and positioning on pipes.
  • Easy to clean and looks great.
  • STABILA precision vial manufacturing and installation technology delivers best in class accuracy and durability.
  • Accuracy guaranteed for life: Vials will never fog, leak or require adjustment.
  • Optional accessory: Black holster made of high performance cordura. Cat. number 30003.
  • Applications: The extra-strong grip of the rare-earth magnets is needed for metal construction and scaffolding in particular, as well as for fitting and welding.


  • Measurement accuracy in normal position: ±1/32in @ 72in
  • Measurement accuracy in reverse position: ±3/64in @ 72in
  • Number of measuring surfaces: 1
  • Magnet system: Rare Earth V Groove
  • Profile: Cast T profile

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Stabila 25360 Die Cast Magnetic Torpedo with 360-degree vial and V-groove frame