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Testo 510i Differential Pressure Manometer Smart and Wireless Probe (0560 1510)

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The Testo 510i Differential Pressure Manometer is a wireless differential pressure probe used for accurate low-pressure measurements. The Testo 510i Smart Probe is great for measuring pressure in manifolds, static pressure, & pressure drops in buildings or ventilation systems. Use it to measure the drop across coils & filters, or in ducts & systems. Users of the bluetooth manometer can read measurements using the Testo Smart Probes app on their smart device (with Android or Apple operating systems). It can be used for determining air velocity & volume flow, when used with pitot tubes.

The Smart Probes app is a powerful & easy to use tool. The operation and display of the Testo 510i manometer are communicated via Bluetooth to the App on your smart phone or tablet. It allows you to remotely read measurements & make automatic calculations from up to six Smart Probes. Results can be easily documented & reported. All measurement data is displayed as instrument readings, tables, or graphs. Save measurements as PDF or Excel files. The app creates custom reports you can save and/or share by email. All data can be stored & retrieved, saving you hours of time consuming paperwork!


  • (1) Testo 510i Manometer Differential Pressure Smart Probe
  • (1) Hose set (Ø 0.15 in. and 0.2 in.)
  • (1) Adapter
  • (3) AAA batteries
  • (1) Certificate of calibration


  • Unique Features of Testo 510i Differential Pressure Manometer
  • Measures static pressure, air flow, and volume flow (pitot tube not included)
  • Measures manifold pressure and pressure drop across filters and coils
  • Measurement menu in the Smart Probes App that includes pressure drop alarms
  • Bluetooth Manometer
  • Measurement data is transmitted to the convenient and powerful Testo Smart Probes App in your smart device
  • Live data feed integration now available with the MeasureQuick App
  • Easy configuration and calculations for volume flow (enter pitot tube factor and dimensions easily)
  • Magnetic back holds instrument for hands-free operation
  • Tough, accurate, and easy-to-use
  • For all HVAC/R technicians and contractors
  • 2 year warranty


Differential pressure (internal sensor) - Piezoresistive
Measuring range : -60 to +60 InH₂O / -150 to +150 hPa
Accuracy : ±0.02 InH₂O (0 to +0.4 InH₂O) / ±0.05 hPa (0 to +1 hPa); ±(0.1 InH₂O + 1.5 % of mv) (+0 to +60 InH₂O) / ±(0.2 hPa + 1.5 % of mv) (+1 to +150 hPa)
Overpressure : 500 mbar
Resolution : 0.01 InH₂O / 0.01 hPa
Measurement rate : 2/sec
General technical data
Units of measurement : mbar, hPa, Pa, mmHg, inHg, in WC, psi, mmWC; In conjunction with Pitot tube (optional): m/s, fpm, m^3/h, cfm, l/s
Weight : 3.25 oz. / 92 g
Dimensions : 6 x 1 x 1 in. / 148 x 36 x 23 mm
Operating temperature : -4° to 122 °F / -20 to +50 °C
Housing : ABS / TPE
System requirements : requires iOS 8.3 or newer; requires Android 4.3 or newer; requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
Product colour : black/orange
Battery type : 3 x AAA
Battery life : 150 h
Storage temperature : -4° to 140 °F / -20 to +60 °C
Directives, standards and tests : EU guideline 2014/30/EU


Q & A

How do I get the testo Smart Probes App?

The testo Smart Probes App is available free of charge in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. On every packaging of a Smart Probe, you will also find a QR code which links you directly to the right store.

How do I carry out the pairing between the Testo 510i Smart Probe and the smartphone/tablet?

Pairing is not necessary. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile end device, and switch on the Smart Probe. The App will connect automatically. As soon as this is done, the LED on the Smart Probe flashes green.

What do I do if my mobile end device asks for a PIN as soon as I try to connect it to a Smart Probe?

You do not require a PIN to connect the Smart Probe to your mobile end device. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile end device, and switch on the Smart Probe. The App will connect automatically. As soon as this is done, the LED on the Smart Probe flashes green.

Can I use the testo Smart Probes App on a PC?

No. You can, however, connect the App by Bluetooth to a mobile end device (iOS or Android)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The best!!!

Works great. As long as your bluetooth is turned on it will automatically connect without you having to manually pair it every time. Very satisfied with this product.