Testo 550 Refrigeration Digital Manifold Kit, with 2-Clamp Probes (0563 1550)


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For a limited time we are offering a free Refco off set service wrench included with the item

Between April 1st and May 31 the purchase of this manifold qualifies you to receive a free WIHA tool set through mail in rebate from Testo. The redemption form along with the instructions will be included in the packaging. The Redemption form must be filled and mailed out by June 30. Please allow 6-8 weeks for approval and shipment of the tools set. The rebate is no part of this purchase and you are not guaranteed the rebate unless the proper procedures are taken. Do not miss the chance to get a great add on to your tool box. Overview The rugged housing of the testo 550 digital manifold includes a metal frame around the display, which protects the digital manifold from impact. Now with 60 refrigerant profiles and added functionality for leak tests, the testo 550 digital manifold is versatile enough to become the tool for every job. You can view measurement data on your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to quickly and conveniently complete and document your job. Then, be able to finalize the documentation and send the report and invoice via email, right from the job site. The app can also be used to download new refrigerants from online, directly to the manifold. Two temperature inputs allow simultaneous calculation and display of superheat and subcooling. With just a press of a button, the differential temperatures are also displayed. With another press of a button, you can quickly switch between the different measurements. The testo 550 features a large, backlit LCD display. Large numbers help you easily read the values. Intuitive operation provides you the ability to quickly analyze and diagnose the system without changing connections or performing tedious calculations. In a few seconds the instrument displays all of the values you need for an accurate and precise analysis. Product Features
  • Bluetooth / App integration for monitoring, report generation, and sending reports and invoices via email (65 ft. range)
  • Supplied with two temperature clamp probes and service case
  • Precisely measures high side / low side pressures and temperatures
  • Instantly displays saturation / evaporation temperatures
  • Consists of 2-way valve block with three connections
  • Provides profiles for 60 common refrigerants
  • Automatically calculates superheat and sub-cooling in real time
  • Performs temperature-compensated tightness tests
  • Large, illuminated display provides better legibility in dark surroundings
  • Simplified menu structure using ESC key
  • Rugged design and housing
  • Up to 250 hours of battery life
  • IP42 Protection class
Specifications Temperature Measuring range- 58° to 302 °F / -50 to +150 °C Accuracy- ±0.9 °F / ±0.5 °C Resolution- 0.1 °F / 0.1 °C Probe connection- 2 x plug-in (NTC) Pressure measurement Measuring range   -15 to 870 psi / -1 to 60 bar Accuracy- ±0.5 % Fs Resolution- 0.14 psi / 0.01 bar Probe connection- 3 x 7/16″ – UNF Overload rel. (high pressure)- 943 psi / 65 bar General technical data Dimensions- 8 x 4 x 2 in. / 200 x 109 x 63 mm Operating temperature -4° to 122 °F / -20 to +50 °C Battery life- approx. 250h (display light off, Bluetooth off) Refrigerants in instrument R114; R12; R123; R1233zd; R1234yf; R1234ze; R124; R125; R13; R134a; R22; R23; R290; R32; R401A; R401B; R402A; R402B; R404A; R407A; R407C; R407F; R407H; R408A; R409A; R410A; R414B; R416A; R420A; R421A; R421B; R422B; R422C; R422D; R424A; R427A; R434A; R437A; R438A; R442A; R444B; R448A; R449A; R450A; R452A; R452B; R453a; R454A; R454B; R454C; R455A; R458A; R500; R502; R503; R507; R513A; R600a; R718 (H₂O); R744 (CO₂) Refrigerants update via App R11; FX80; I12A; R1150; R1270; R13B1; R14; R142B; R152A; R161; R170; R227; R236fa; R245fa; R401C; R406A; R407B; R407D; R41; Ra11A; R412A; R413A; R417A; R417B; R417C; R422A; R426A; R508A; R508B; R600; RIS89; SP22 Storage temperature -4° to 140 °F / -20 to +60 °C Weight- 37 oz. / 1060 g