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Testo Digital Gauges 550i Smart Kit-Wireless Vacuum


Brand: Testo GTIN#: 4029547023767

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The Testo Digital Gauges 550i Smart Kit – Wireless Vacuum and Clamp Temperature Probes (0564 4550 01) is the smallest on the market. It makes carrying out your everyday work on refrigeration, air conditioning, & heat pump systems easy, with wireless capabilities & matchless reliability. With a 2-way valve block & sturdy hook, Bluetooth connectivity, & Testo Smart App functionality the Testo digital gauges are the most robust and most capable of their size. Automatically calculate evaporation & condensation temperatures, clearly present results to clients, & conveniently provide digital documentation at the unit or up to 500 feet away from your phone or tablet.

The Testo 550i smart kit comes with digital gauges, two testo wireless clamp thermometers & one wireless vacuum probe. These smart probes are the ideal temperature & vacuum measuring instruments for servicing, troubleshooting, & installing systems. They’re able to measure & transmit data wirelessly, saving you time & energy.

  • 550i Testo Smart Kit Digital Gauges
  • The smallest digital manifold on the market
  • For carrying out exceptionally fast, easy measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps
  • Control your servicing and maintenance tasks completely via the Testo Smart App and smartphone or tablet, enjoy clearly presented results and digital documentation, set your own favourites, and always have the latest refrigerants
  • Maximum reliability and convenient handling in environments that are difficult to access thanks to an exceptionally compact, extremely robust housing with IP54 protection class
  • Optional expandibility with automatically connecting Testo Bluetooth Smart Probes for temperature, humidity and vacuum
  • Continuous high performance in all conditions: A dependable manifold that combines proven Testo quality with excellent robustness
  • Testo 115i Pipe-clamp Thermometer
  • Convenient temperature measurement on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems – thanks to wireless connection to your smartphone or tablet
  • Fast identification of temperature changes by graphic progression display
  • Live data feed integration now available with the MeasureQuick App
  • Problem-free application at measuring points that are a long distance apart thanks to Bluetooth® range up to 350 ft
  • Testo 552i Wireless Vacuum Probe
  • Identify vacuum quickly and easily by means of the graphical display in the App or on the digital manifold screen
  • Exceptionally compact and reliable thanks to the rugged, easy-to-handle housing with IP 54 protection class
  • Easy installation at any service port thanks to the integrated 45° angle
    550i Testo Smart Kit Digital Gauges General technical data
    Weight : 20.99 oz. / 595 g
    Dimensions : 3.03 x 4.29 x 2.48 in. / 77 x 109 x 63 mm
    Operating temperature : 14° to 122 °F / -10 to +50 °C
    Protection class : IP54
    System requirements : requires iOS 11.0 or newer; requires Android 6.0 or newer; requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
    Product colour : Black
    Auto-off : 10 min (when not connected via Bluetooth)
    Battery type : 3 x AAA
    Battery life : 130 h
    Data transfer : Bluetooth®
    Radio range : 492.12 ft. / 150 m
    Refrigerants in instrument : R407H; R23; R290; R1234yf; R442A; R134a; R123; R452B; R438A; R421A; R453a; R401B; R1233zd; R410A; R407A; R407C; R452A; R401A; R422C; R427A; R422B; R424A; R125; R414B; R404A; R408A; R448A; R422D; R12; R114; R421B; R449A; R409A; R420A; R444B; R32; R454A; R124; R402A; R450A; R407F; R416A; R13; R437A; R1234ze; R454B; R402B; R22; R434A; R454C; R455A; R458A; R500; R502; R503; R507; R513A; R600a; R718 (H₂O); R744 (CO₂)
    Refrigerants update via App : R11; FX80; I12A; R1150; R1270; R13B1; R14; R142B; R152A; R161; R170; R227; R236fa; R245fa; R401C; R406A; R407B; R407D; R41; Ra11A; R412A; R413A; R417A; R417B; R417C; R422A; R426A; R508A; R508B; R600; RIS89; SP22
    Storage temperature : -4° to 140 °F / -20 to +60 °C
    Pressure measurement
    Measuring range : -15 to 870 psi / -1 to 60 bar
    Accuracy : ±0.5 % Fs
    Resolution : 0.14 psi / 0.01 bar
    Probe connection : 3 x 7/16" – UNF
    Overload rel. (high pressure) : 943 psi
    Testo Clamp Thermometer General technical data
    Weight : 4.49 oz. / 127.4 g
    Dimensions : 7 x 4 x 1 in. / 183 x 90 x 30 mm
    Operating temperature : -4° to 122 °F / -20 to +50 °C
    Housing : Plastic
    System requirements : requires iOS 8.3 or newer; requires Android 4.3 or newer; requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
    Product colour : black/orange
    Battery type : 3 x AAA
    Battery life : 150 h
    Storage temperature : -4° to 140 °F / -20 to +60 °C
    Temperature - NTC
    Measuring range : -40° to 302 °F / -40 to +150 °C
    Accuracy : ±2.3 °F (-4° to 185 °F) / ±1.3 °C (-20 to +85 °C)
    Resolution : 0.1 °F / 0.1 °C
    Testo Wireless Vacuum Probe General technical data
    Weight : 5 oz. / 142 g
    Dimensions : 6 x 1 x 1 in. (LxWxH) / 150 x 32 x 31 mm (LxWxH)
    Operating temperature : 14.0° to 122.0 °F / -10 to +50 °C
    Protection class : IP54
    System requirements : requires iOS 8.3 or newer; requires Android 4.3 or newer; requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
    Product colour : black/orange
    Auto-off : 10 min (when not connected via Bluetooth)
    Battery type : 3 x AAA
    Battery life : 39 h
    Connection : 7/16“ UNF
    Interface : Bluetooth® 4.2
    Storage temperature : -4.0° to 122.0 °F / -20 to +50 °C
    Absolute Pressure
    Measuring range : 0 to 0.39 psi / / 0 to 26.66 mbar / 0 to 20000 micron
    Accuracy (±1 digit) : ±10 microns + 10% of m.v. (100 to 1,000 microns)
    Resolution : 1 micron (0 to 1000 micron) / 10 micron (1000 to 2000 micron) / 100 micron (2000 to 5000 micron) /
    Overload : absolute: 87.0 psi / 87 psi | absolute: 6.0 bar / 87 psi ; (relative: 72.5 psi / 72 psi) | (relative: 5.0 bar / 72 psi)
    Why is there no screen on the testo digital gauges?

    There is no screen on the Testo 550i because all activities, from measurement through to documentation, are done using the App on your Smartphone

    How far can I be from the 550i when using the app?

    The app will stay connected up to 150m, which is almost 500ft.

    What is the warranty on the 550i Testo?

    <p>Testo offers a <a href="" target=_blank>Limited Product Warranty</a> on everything they make. It reads as follows,</p><p>"This warranty is applicable to Testo products purchased directly from Testo, Inc. or an authorized distributor of Testo, Inc. [like HVAC and Tools Direct]. This warranty does not apply to Testo products purchased from any other source. In addition, this warranty applies only to purchases made by Testo distributors/resellers and to retail purchasers from these distributors/resellers.</p><p>Some Testo products carry a specific warranty as outlined in the paperwork delivered with the products.</p><p>Testo warrants to its distributors/resellers and to direct purchasers from its distributors/resellers and from Testo that:</p><p>(a) for two years from the date of Buyer's purchase of a Testo product (or a shorter period than two years if a shorter time limit specified for the product on the Testo website),</p><p>(b) to the extent of the purchase price of the goods purchased hereunder,</p><p>(c) Testo will at its option repair or replace FOB Testo’s Sparta, NJ location or Ontario, Canada location (for sales in Canada) equipment or parts which fail in normal use because of defects in workmanship or materials.</p><p>Testo does not warrant that the operation of any product will be uninterrupted or error free.</p><p>This warranty does not apply to:</p><p>the use or ownership of Testo products by anyone who is not a distributor of Testo, Inc. and who was not a direct purchaser from a distributor/reseller of Testo or from Testo;</p><p>Testo products that have been modified, used for purposes for which they are not intended, mishandled, or subjected to abnormal wear and tear.</p><p>EXCEPT AS SET FORTH HEREIN, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES ON THIS PRODUCT EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND TESTO DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTORY QUALITY, INFRINGEMENT OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE."</p>

    • (1) Testo 550i Smart Kit Digital Gauges (0564 2550 01)
    • (2) Testo 115i Clamp Thermometer (0560 2115 03)
    • (1) Testo 552i Wireless Vacuum Probe
    • (1) Calibration Protocol
    • (1) Testo 550i Manual
    • (3) AAA Batteries
    • (1) Transport Case

    Customer Reviews

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    Testo 550i review

    Very good kit. I'm very happy with it. Wish i had gotte nit sooner.

    Testo Digital Gauges 550i Smart Kit-Wireless Vacuum and Clamp Temperature Probes
    Testo Digital Gauges 550i Smart Kit-Wireless Vacuum