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Worthington 30 lb. Refrigerant Recovery Tank

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Refrigerant recovery tank by Worthington can be used to safely recover, store and transport used refrigerant (freon) from HVAC and refrigeration systems to EPA-certified reclamation centers, where the gas can be cleaned and recycled or properly disposed of. Gray/Yellow cylinders feature “Y” valve for liquid/vapor recovery. Does not include IMO float gauge.


  • Made in the USA and Portugal
  • Superior powder coat finish for long lasting cylinder
  • one port with the option to add a float switch


Size : 30 lbs.
Height : 18 in.
Water capacity : 26.1 lbs.
Nominal tare weight : 16.9
Cylinder diameter : 9.2 in.
Cylinder volume : 723 cu. in.
Collar diameter : 7.2 in.
Collar height : 5.1 in.
Footring diameter : 8 in.
Service pressure : 400 PSIG
Test pressure : 800 PSIG

Q & A

how much refrigerant can a recovery tank hold?

A 30 lb. recovery tank can hold 26.1 lbs of refrigerant.