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Yellow Jacket 42004 Refrigeration Manifold


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The Yellow Jacket 42004 “Series 41” Manifold has been the industry’s standard for both ease-of-use & durability. Since the 1970s, the brass, two-valve device has been the “go-to” for technicians worldwide. It has a 3-Pack of 60″ PLUS II™ RYB hoses with standard fittings.

The Yellow Jacket 42004 has become the number one seller in the lineup. Due to its convenient color-coded refrigerant scales & pressure arcs & large numbers for high visibility. The Yellow Jacket 42004 combines more extensive, easier-to-read 3-1/8″ color-coded gauges in rugged steel cases with polycarbonate crystals. It also features 1% accuracy (Class 1). It delivers an accurate reading in critical charge systems.

The Yellow Jacket Series 41 is a field-proven manifold line with a forged brass body and large, easier-to-read 3 and 1/8” color-coded gauges in a rugged steel case with polycarbonate crystals. The Yellow Jacket manifold measures three refrigerants. R-22/404A/410A includes three color-coded RYB 60” PLUS II standard ¼” flare fittings hoses. The hoses are recognized for 4000 PSI (275 bar) burst and 800 PSI (55 Bar) working pressure.

The Yellow Jacket gauges have refrigerant scales and pressure arcs. They are color-coded for convenience and large numbers that are easier to read. The Yellow Jacket r410A manifold gauges feature 1% accuracy over the entire pressure range. High accuracy is vital for critical charge systems where an accurate reading is essential. Yellow Jacket 42004 series 41 manifold is designed for air conditioning and refrigeration service technicians who want quality products.

  • Yellow Jacket Series 41 Manifold Gauge 42004 Two Valve Set with 3 and 1/8 Gauges
  • Color-coded scales
  • Sliding double “O” ring pistons reduce wear
  • Long life nylon seats
  • Forged brass body for durability
  • Full porting maximizes capacity and flow
  • Some models include color-coded, 60? PLUS II™ hoses with standard 1/4? flare fittings
  • Hose assemblies UL recognized for 4000 psi (275 bar) burst and 800 psi (55 bar) working pressure. File# SA9737
  • Made in the USA
Yellow Jacket Series 41 Manifold Gauge 42004 Two Valve Set with 3 and 1/8 Gauges
Refrigerants measured : R-22, 404A, and 410A
Gauges : Red/Blue, 3-⅛”, with steel casing and polycarbonate crystal
Body : Forged brass
Hoses : Yes; ¼” Red, Yellow, Blue 3-pack
Hose Length : 60”
°F/°C : Farenheit
Would the hoses come with low loss fittings?

No, the hoses included with the 42004 have standard fittings.

What are the differences between this 42004 manifold and the 42006?

The major difference would be the refrigerants they measure. The 42004 measures R-22, 404A, and 410A; and the 42006 measures R-22, 134a, and 404A. Other than that, both include 60” Plus II RYB Hoses and are forged brass bodies.

Do the hoses include a Schrader valve depressor?

Yes they do.

Can you do a system pump down with this manifold and gauge set?

Certainly, just follow the procedures required by your vacuum pump.

  • (1) Yellow Jacket 42004 Series 41 Manifold
  • (1) 3-Pack of 60″ PLUS II™ RYB hoses with standard fittings
  • (1) Operating Manual

Customer Reviews

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Gold standard

Fastest shipping I have ever seen!

Jacqueline Gonzalez
High quality long lasting

The Yellow Jacket products in my opinion provide high quality, long lasting products. This is a great gauge to check pressures and charge up a/c units.

Rongjie Huang

Great service and tools!

Amazing Brand

This brand is the best! It's well-known in the AC industry. This is the reason I got this Manifold. Shipping was super fast. Was actually surprised.

Yellow jacket 42004 Manifold
Yellow Jacket 42004 Refrigeration Manifold