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Yellow Jacket 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Gauge with 1/4 Coupler


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The Yellow Jacket 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Gauge with 1/4 Coupler is an easy-to-use, compact vacuum gauge with features for the price. And it’s rugged, too. It survives moisture and accidental drops or attachment to a high-pressure line. And high impact, glass-reinforced housing. The easy-to-clean vacuum sensor handles 450 psi positive pressure. Also,  reads several units of vacuum (microns, millibar, Torr, and Pascal).

The Yellow Jacket 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Gauge is a compact digital vacuum gauge designed by the HVACR technician. The Omni vacuum gauge is small but rugged. The indicator is designed with a high-impact, glass-reinforced housing. It will withstand accidental drops and moisture.

In addition to a vacuum pump, a micron gauge is an essential tool for HVACR specialists. Pulling a good vacuum before charging a new system with refrigerant or after a repair is necessary for adequately operating an air conditioning system. Furthermore, the micron gauge measures the amount of air, “noncondensable,” and moisture in a system. Moreover, if humidity and air are left in the design, it will rust and corrode the system. This will cause more significant problems later.

Most of the equipment an HVAC/R technician brings to the Jobsite is large, heavy, and somewhat awkward. However, this is not true of the 69020 Omni micron gauge. Also, this essential piece of equipment was designed not only to be accurate but tough. As well as including features HVACR technicians want but also easy to carry and use.

Sometimes when working with refrigeration systems, there is not much space. Also, the gauge features a 45º degree bend with a 1/4” fitting to help those situations. Additional adapter fittings are also available.

Furthermore, the 69020 Vacuum Gauge with a capacity of 220llb will quickly and accurately measure vacuum in microns, pascals, millibar, and Torr. Moreover, it will do so with a resolution of 1 micron. When the target vacuum level is reached, the Omni will give both a visual and audio signal.

Also, when turned on, the vacuum gauge will automatically adjust to the user’s default settings. Furthermore, the lighted display is an electronic paper display for clear visibility. Even in direct sunlight. Moreover, the built-in stability indicator helps HVAC/R technicians know when the scale is ready for reading. An overload indicator offers an audible and visual alarm if the gauge becomes overloaded.

The 69020 also features a low battery indicator light and an automatic power-down when not in active use.

  • Yellow Jacket 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge
  • Audio and visual signal when target vacuum level is reached
  • Micron Range of 5 to 25,000
  • Measurement units in Microns, Pascals, milibar, and Torr
  • Vacuum sensor designed to withstand overpressure to 450 PSI
  • Electric paper display for clear visibility - even in direct sunlight
  • Rich and intuitive user interface - turn it on and its ready to use with default settings
  • 45° degree bend for fitting (1/4")
  • Up to 100+ hours operation on 2 AAA batteries
  • Automatic power down and time out
  • Design is both compact and rugged
  • Low battery indicator and automatic power-down when inactive
  • Ideal for HVAC/R Service
  • Easy-to-clean vacuum sensor
Yellow Jacket 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge
Vacuum Reading Range :
  • 5 to 25,000 Microns
  • (33.3 mBar, 25 Torr, 3330 Pa)
  • Progress bar-graph from Atmosphere (ATM) to 25,000 Microns
Display Vacuum Measurement Accuracy : +/- 20% of reading (from 10,000 to 25 microns)
Vacuum Reading Resolution :
  • 1 micron (from 1,000 to 5 microns)
  • 10 microns (from 10,000 to 1,000 microns)
  • 100 microns (from 25,000 to 10,000 microns)
Proof Pressure : 450 PSI
Working Temperature : 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Storage Temperature : -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Working humidity : 0-95% RH (non-condensing) IP
Class : IP-50
Battery : (2) AAA batteries (included) 100+ hours continuous
Size : 6” long x 1.6” wide x 1.6” thick including fitting (15.3 x 4 x 4 cm)
Weight : 0.39 lb (175 grams)
Warranty : One year

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  • (1) Yellow Jacket 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Gauge with 1/4 Coupler

Customer Reviews

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joel de la cruz

Tengo un equipo Omni vacuum gauge semi nuevo como le ago para reparar

Yellow Jacket Jacket Omni Digital Vacuum Gauge with 1/4 Coupler 69020
Yellow Jacket 69020 Omni Digital Vacuum Gauge with 1/4 Coupler