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Fieldpiece JL3KH6 – Job Link Probes Charge and Air Kit


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The Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Probes Charge and Air Kit allows you to take a complete system snapshot quickly and easily. This Fieldpiece Wireless Probes kit consists of 2 pressure probes, two pipe clamps, and two psychrometers in a quick-access padded case. Also, measurements will be sent up to 1000’ directly to your mobile device. You will do so with the Job Link® System mobile app.  Each tool was designed for agility and speed.

The pressure probes fit into tight spaces. Furthermore, the pipe clamps use the new Rapid Rail thermocouple sensor design. Doing so delivers accuracy, speed, and agility, even on the most awkward pipe configurations. The psychrometers’ flexible narrow probes and configurable magnet make it easy to measure supply plenums, ducts, and high registers. All inquiries are expandable for multi-circuit systems. Do more with JL3KH6 Job Link probes!

The Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Wireless Probes Charge and Air Kit bring HVAC diagnostics into the 21st century. Analyze AC systems much faster with this set of intelligent probes. Also, each quest has an estimated wireless range of 1000 feet. You can couple it with the Job Link app on your mobile device to view each measurement live.

The Job Link HVAC Kit was designed giving HVAC technicians more freedom. Moreover, we are improving productivity while on the job site. Each kit includes six wireless probes: 2 pressure, two psychrometer, and two pipe clamps.

The Fieldpiece Job Link Pressure Probes was designed to fit tight spaces. Also, featuring an angled 1/4″ fitting. At the bottom of each unit is a switch that toggles between Blue (Low Side) and Red (High Side). This is an excellent feature because it communicates with the Job Link app and shows up when viewing the measurements.

The Fieldpiece Job Link Flex Psychrometer Probes measure %RH, dry/wet bulb, dew point, and enthalpy and feature a strong magnet. Moreover, the flexible probe and sliding magnet allows you to configure the probe. They will be used even when space is limited. Also, like the JL3PR Pressure probes, these probes feature a switch on the bottom. Also used to toggle between blue and red. They are distinguishing between Supply Air and Return Air.

The JL3PC Job Link Premium Pipe Clamp Probes take fast and accurate temperature measurements surpass California’s Title 24 requirements. These clamps will be used on pipes that range from 1/4″ up to 1-3/8″. This information will get etched on the side of the clamp to reference quickly in the field.

Also, these pipe clamps utilize the patent-pending Rapid Rail sensor technology that requires electrical continuity to complete the circuit. Doing this improves accuracy by reducing ambient conditions’ effect on the measurements. Furthermore, this also allows the temperature readings to stabilize in under 5 seconds.

The new intelligent Fieldpiece probe kit is an excellent addition to any HVAC technician’s tool bag by giving a live view of the system’s work quickly and effectively. Do more with Job Link probes today!

  • Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link™ Probes Charge and Air Kit
  • Directly connects to mobile device with Job Link System App
  • iOS® and Android™ compatible
  • Email reports
  • Fast accurate temps with new Rapid Rail technology
  • Pressures auto calibrate at any elevation
  • Configurable psychrometers with flexible probe and sliding magnet
  • Water resistant
  • High/Low side switch and indicator
  • Quick-access protective case
  • 1 Year limited warranty
Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link™ Probes Charge and Air Kit
Wireless Range : 1000 feet or more
Wireless Frequency : 2.4 GHz
Battery : 2 x AAA (included) NEDA 24A, IEC LR03
Battery Life : 150 hrs typical alkaline. LED blinks red when battery replacement is needed.
Auto Power Off (APO) : 2 hrs (can be disabled)
Minimum Device Requirement : BLE 4.0 devices running iOS® 7.0 or AndroidTM 5.0 (Latest compatibility at
Operating Environment : 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <75% RH
Storage Temperature : -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C), 0 to 80% RH (with batteries removed)
Temperature Coefficient : 0.1 x (specified accuracy) per 1.8°F (32°F to 64°F, 82°F to 122°F), per 1°C (0°C to 18°C, 28°C to 50°C)
Job Link® System Pressure Probe -JL3PR
Sensor Type : Relative pressure
Connector Type : Standard 1/4″ NPT female flare fitting (angled)
Measurement Range : 29” HgV to 580 psig, 74 cmHgV to 0 to 4000 kPa
Accuracy : 29” HgV to 0” HgV: ±0.2” HgV; 74 cmHgV to 0 cmHgV: ±1 cmHgV 0 to 200 psig: ±1 psig; 0 to 1378 kPa: ±7 kPa 200 to 580 psig: ±2 psig; 1378 to 4000 kPa: ±14 kPa
Maximum Overload Pressure : 800 psig (5500 kPa)
Weight : 0.39 lbs (177 g)
Water Resistant : Designed to IP55
Job Link® System Premium Pipe Clamp Probe (1/4" to 1 3/8") - JL3PC
Pipe Contact Surface Compatibility : Electrically conductive
Pipe Size Compatibility : 1/4" to 1 3/8" (6.4mm to 34.9mm)
OD Sensor Type : Rapid Rail™ thermocouple (nickel chromium / nickel aluminum)
Measurement Feedback : Beeper and LED
Measurement Range : 50°F to 257°F (-46°C to 125°C) Plastic body and wire insulation are designed to withstand a maximum continuous temperature of 257°F (125°C).
Stabilization Time : 3 seconds typical
Accuracy : ±1.0°F (±0.6°C)* *Meets California's Title 24 requirements
Weight : 0.33 lbs (150 g)
Water Resistant : Designed to IP55
Job Link® System Flex Psychrometer Probe - JL3RH
Flexible Probe : 0.36" (9mm) diameter; 9.25" (235mm) length
Best Accuracy : ±1°F (±0.6°C) ±2.5 %RH
Measurement Range : -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C) 0 %RH to 100 %RH
Weight : 0.33 lbs (150 g)
Relative Humidity (%RH) :
  • Sensor Type: Capacitance polymer film
  • Hysteresis: ±1%RH typical (Excursion of 10% to 90% to 10%RH)
  • Measurement Range: 0%RH to 100%RH
  • Accuracy: (At 73.4°F (23°C)) ±2.5% (10%RH to 90%RH); ±(5%) <10%RH, >90%RH
  • Response Time: 60 seconds typical for 90% of total range
Temperature :
  • Sensor Type: Precision thermistor
  • Measurement Range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
  • Accuracy: ±(1°F) 32°F to 113°F, ±(0.5°C) 0°C to 45°C; ±(2°F) -4°F to 32°F, 113°F to 140°F, ±(1°C) -20°C to 0°C, 45°C to 60°C
Are these JL3KH6 probes compatible with MeasureQuick?

Yes, the MeasureQuick app is compatible with all Fieldpiece Job Link probes.

Is the JL2 Wireless transmitter necessary for wireless connectivity?

No, the JL3KH6 probes can connect to your electronic devices via Bluetooth technology.

Does it measure wet bulb, enthalpy, superheat, subcool, DeltaT?

Yes, you get a full readout except SCFM.

Are these fieldpiece wireless probes really waterproof?

The Clamp Probes and the Pressure Probes are both water resistant to IP55 standards, meaning they are protected from low pressure water jets from any direction. The Psychrometer Probes are not.

Can the JL3KH6 protective case fit more probes?

Yes, you can fit three Clamp Probes, three Pressure Probes, and three Psychrometer Probes snuggly in the case.

What is the warranty on these items ?

1 Year Limited Warranty for all probes. Fieldpiece specifically states, “In the USA, your Fieldpiece meters, standalone instruments, accessory heads, and pocket tools are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. Fieldpiece will replace or repair the defective unit, at its option, subject to verification of the defect. This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from abuse, neglect, accident, unauthorized repair, alteration, or unreasonable use of the instrument.

  • (1) Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Probes Charge and Air Kit includes:
  • (2) Job Link Pipe Temp Clamp Probes -JL3PC
  • (2) Job Link Pressure Probes -JL3PR
  • (2) Job Link Psychrometer Probes -JL3RH
  • (1) Padded Carrying Case
  • (12) AAA Batteries

Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Gonzalez
worth every penny

Makes service calls very easy. bluetooth range is amazing. diagnose in real time.

Fieldpiece JL3KH6
Fieldpiece JL3KH6 – Job Link Probes Charge and Air Kit