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Stabila LAR350 Fully Self-Leveling Rotary Laser 9-piece Kit


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Stabila LAR350 Fully Self-Leveling Rotary Laser 9-piece Kit Interior/Exterior Horizontal is another world’s first! The revolutionary MOTION CONTROL remote makes every measuring task more accessible, quicker, and more effective. With the remote control’s motion-sensing capability, you can control the Stabil motion-sensing time. The built-in sensor detects your hand movements and transmits them to the laser. Discover a multitude of ground-breaking technologies and functions. Thanks to the integrated protection systems, nothing gets in the way of this laser – not even falls, rain or dust. A robust measurement package for professionals with responsibility. Typically STABILA – because precision is the crucial factor.

The Stabila LAR 350 Dual-Slope Rotary Laser is a fully-automatic and motor-driven rotating laser that allows horizontal self-leveling within ±5 degrees. Ideal for bricklaying, metal construction, landscaping, and pipeline installation, it offers manual vertical alignment function and inclination setting in two axes up to ±5 degrees. It has an operating range of up to 2,624 feet and an accuracy of ±1/8 inch at 50 feet, making it useful for interior and exterior applications.

This dual-slope rotary laser by Stabila utilizes the innovative Motion Control to enable the operator to control the laser functions by turning the remote control. It features a Scan function for working directly on the visible laser beam and Section mode that limits the laser in a defined area. The LAR 350 is equipped with an LED Assist system to easily monitor the laser from a distance, ensuring reliable operation and safe use.

The Stabila LAR 350 Dual-Slope Rotary Laser is powered by two 1.5-volt D-cell alkaline batteries and operates for up to 80 hours. The IP65 protection class is water-proof and dust-resistant to withstand harsh job site conditions. It also comes with the patented Stabila Protector System that protects it against drops of up to six feet. For quick and hassle-free attachment to a tripod, it has standard 5/8-11 threading.

  • Fully automatic servo controlled rotary laser for horizontal and vertical applications, with remote controlled dual axes slope.
  • Innovative MOTION CONTROL – quick, reliable and user friendly laser operation by rotating the remote control.
  • DUAL SLOPE inclination function – controlled inclination setting of up to 5° on two axes'.
  • MASKING MODE – working area which can be limited in rotation mode. The laser beam is only emitted in a defined area.
  • LED ASSIST system – for easy operation and safety in the workplace. Integrated LEDs indicate, for example, which axis is currently tilted or is being tilted.
  • MANUAL ALIGNMENT function – pivoting an axis in vertical operation.
  • Patented STABILA PROTECTOR system – perfect protection, even when the laser is dropped from a tripod at a height of up to 6ft.
  • Waterproof and dustproof in accordance with protection class IP 65.
  • Large working area with REC 300 Digital set receiver, up to 2600 ft in diameter.
Laser class : 2
Output : < 1 mW
Laser wavelength : 635 nm
Self-levelling range +/- :
Levelling accuracy +/- : 1/8 in @ 100 ft
Diameter of working area for set receiver : 2600 ft
Operating life : 80 h
Protection class : IP 65
Tripod connection : 5/8"-11
How does the warranty process work?

<p>"We will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Must have copy of receipt for warranty service." -STABILA warranty statement</p> <p>Accessories: Tape Measures, Tripods, Cases, Grade Rods, Etc come with 30 Day Warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase</p> <p>"Please return your level(s) to STABILA for evaluation. STABILA will inspect and return or replace your level(s) within 48 hours of receiving them at our facilities. Please include the following information with your level: <ul> <li>Name</li> <li>Return address</li> <li>Phone number</li> </ul> You may also fill out and print the shipping label and return form available <a href="" target=_blank>here</a>. Please include a return form for each level that you are returning."</p> <p>Please also be aware that the "<b>customer covers freight costs for items shipped to STABILA Warranty Centers and will pay return shipping costs for all non-warranty repairs and/or non-repairable laser and levels.</b>" STABILA states, "<b>we will hold items for 90 days after sending quote before disposing of items.</b>"</p> <p>For reference the STABILA USA Return Address is,<br> <br> STABILA Inc.<br> 2101 Galvin Drive<br> Elgin, IL 60124<br> </p> <p>If you would like more information, please visit STABILA's warranty page <a href="" target=_blank>here</a>.

  • (1) LAR 350 rotation laser
  • (1) REC 300 Digital receiver
  • (1) RC-LAR350 remote control
  • (1) heavy duty tripod
  • (1) elevation rod
  • (1) 90° angle mount
  • (1) laser goggles
  • (1) target plate
  • (1) carrying case
  • (1) 2 x D 1.5 V batteries, 4 x AA 1.5 V batteries
Stabila LAR350 Fully Self-Leveling Rotary Laser 9-piece Kit Interior/Exterior Horizontal
Stabila LAR350 Fully Self-Leveling Rotary Laser 9-piece Kit