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Fieldpiece SC440 Essential Clamp Meter

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The Fieldpiece SC440, Essential Clamp Meter, is a mid-size multimeter that has virtually every parameter for electrical and thermal HVACR testing in one meter. This auto and manual ranger includes a host of safety features, including a high-voltage, LED and beeper, a continuity warning, push non-contact button voltage (NCV), a lead holder with detachable leads, and alligator probe tips for easy one-handed testing. As far as ranges go, it has temperature, capacitance, microamps DC for flame diode tests, and everyday electrical degrees for HVACR. It is one of the most durable meters in the industry. The Fieldpiece SC440 multimeter is designed specifically for HVACR field service.

The dual display makes it easy to view both voltage and amperage readings simultaneously. The non-contact voltage indicator and the probe holder make electrical testing safer. The SC440 is a digital multimeter offering many features and benefits to the pros of HVACR field service.

The Fieldpiece SC440 clamp meter may be mid-sized, but it’s fully packed with features. This meter combines a backlit dual-line LCD, robust measurement capabilities, and components that make the work of HVAC service technicians easier and safer. This Fieldpiece HVAC clamp meter is fully compliant with the Third Edition of the UL61010-1, which is why the SC440’s probes come with sheaths to cover all but the tip of test leads, resulting in safer electrical measurements. Fieldpiece SC440 has virtually every parameter for electrical and thermal HVACR testing in one meter.


  • (1) Fieldpiece SC440 Clamp Meter
  • (1) ADLS2 Deluxe Silicone Lead Set with Gold Plated Tips and Removable Sheath
  • (1) Velcro Strap
  • (1) ATB1 Wrap Tab Type K Thermocouple
  • (1) ASA2 Short Alligator Lead Extensions
  • (1) 9V Battery
  • (1) ANC12 Padded Case


  • Fieldpiece SC440 Digital Clamp Meter Essential Series TRMS
  • Volts AC/DC
  • True RMS
  • Inrush current
  • Duty cycle %
  • 400 amps AC
  • Magnetic strap
  • Dual display
  • Temperature F/C
  • Capacitance
  • Microamps DC
  • Frequency via leads and clamp
  • Non-contact voltage
  • 50 Mega Ohm with 0.1 resolution
  • Continuity
  • Diode test
  • Hold
  • Clamp probe holder
  • LCD backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Hi-voltage Warning


Fieldpiece SC440 Digital Clamp Meter Essential Series TRMS
Display : 5000 count dual display
Backlight : 60 second duration with auto-off. Blue color. SC440 only.
Overrange : (OL) or (-OL) is displayed
Measurement rate : 3.3 times per second, nominal
Zero : Automatic
Operating environment : 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) at <70% relative humidity
Storage temperature : -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C), 0 to 80% RH (with battery removed)
Accuracy : Stated accuracy @ 73°F±9°F (23°C±5°C), <75%RH
Temperature coefficient : 0.1 x (specified accuracy) per °C [0°C to 19°C (32°F to 66°F), 28°C to 50° C(82°F to 122°F)]
APO (Auto Power Off) : Approx. 30 minutes
Power : Single standard 9-volt battery, NEDA 1604, JIS 006P, IEC 6F22
Battery life : 200 hours typical alkaline (SC420); 100 hours typical alkaline (SC440)
Low battery indication : Battery icon blinks and “” is displayed when the battery voltage drops below the operating level
Dimensions : 233mm(H) x 79mm(W) x 45mm(D)
Weight : Approx. 315g including battery
Altitude : Up to 6562 ft (2000m)
Overload protection : 600 VDC or 600VAC rms unless otherwise stated
Test leads : Use UL listed test leads that comply to UL61010-031 rated CATIII 600V or above


Q & A

Does the Fieldpiece SC440 have a fuse I can change?

No, the new meters do not use a fuse anymore. They use a PTC as it is faster and safer for the technician.

Can the SC440 fieldpiece clamp meter read volts, amps and ohms?

Yes, this meter can read volts, amps and ohms.

Customer Reviews

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Proper and accurate measurement

The unit works great and most importantly measures accurately and fast.