About Us

Our Story:

First, a little primer on our founder, Ancel. He’s been a licensed AC contractor since 2006, experienced in the HVAC field working alongside his brother-in-law, Arnel, for a time. He also has a record of 15 years of service in the construction industry, specifically in quality control. So, as expected, the man cares about getting things done right. Now, Ancel had always craved greater control over his professional life, desiring to one day be his own boss. In 2010, it looked like this dream was going to take shape. By this time, Arnel owned his own successful AC supply store. One night over dinner the idea of Ancel owning his own supply store was brought up in a discussion, as a way of continuing the “family business.” The result was Imperial WA AC Supply, Ancel’s very own AC supply store brought up with help from his generous brother-in-law. With his own prior knowledge, guidance, and funding from an experienced business owner, and the passion of his dream, he began his own business in May 2011.

As you might guess, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s been fulfilling! Over the years, our team, which started with Ancel and his wife, has grown to a total of five. Our modest shop went from receiving a few infrequent customers about every month to a bustling store with a loyal customer base that grows each day. In May 2017 we expanded our reach over the net by starting our eBay store A.P. Tools and Supplies, and recently, in 2018, our efforts have culminated in our very own website, HVAC and Tools Direct.

Our Mission:

We may be branded under a variety of names, but our aim is the same as when we started in 2011: we strive to provide quality products to contractors and property-owners alike at affordable prices, all while making your shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Our Message to You:

Experiencing the Miami heat, we know that air conditioning is a necessity in this day and age. We’re certain those of you reading in cooler areas would vouch for heating as well. The fact is, HVAC is a field that won’t be dying any time soon. To contractors everywhere who work hard, even under difficult and uncomfortable circumstances, to make sure we can comfortably enjoy our daily lives, THANK YOU! We make it our goal to serve you industrious technicians so you can continue to serve your community. As for concerned buyers looking for units to purchase for their own properties, we understand the worry associated with such purchases. These products are investments you hope will last for many years into the future, all while continuing to satisfy your needs and the needs of any you may be responsible for. We are aware of the weight we bear as suppliers of these products, and we WILL exert ourselves to provide you with the best, always.

HVAC and Tools Direct

Have questions?  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the different Air Conditioning & Heating Service options.